Ms. Kasraian Fard, who started designing and making dolls at the age of 8, as much as she loved and loved, and after finishing her studies and graduating in couture, In one of the most prestigious animation companies in Iran (affiliated to IRIB) Saba Company, it was working as anime creative doll manufacturer and replica maker and accessories for puppet TV programs, After that, independently designing a variety of dolls in the path of commercialization (converting 2D photo to 3D pattern) they were ordering from advertising agencies as requested by the customer, After a few trips to China to produce dolls, they noticed that even the largest designers of large carnjats produced dolls in China Whose products are even exported to European countries and the United States, are unable to compete in the design of dolls with them, which subsequently They asked for an incredible job and partnership with these factories, but because of patriotism, they refused to stay in the country. experience 30 years old in the field of , ideation , design and production of a variety of puppet products, he has become the only designer in this field And the family company of the new world of idea Makan and Shervin with the Brand McWynn, which is following the request of the government organ Drawer Airlines, Iran Air (Homa) was formed to design and produce flight gifts to the only design company And the production of a variety of fabric doll products (polishing) in Iran, middle east and southwest Asia has become. All the dolls displayed on the site are examples of designs designed with a pattern of commercialization and designer production, some of which have reached mass production. The majority of the company's shares are owned by the designer and he is working as an idea maker, designer, supervisor, coach of production staff and chairman of the board of directors. All material and intellectual rights of the products and examples of the designs carried out belong to the designer and donya idea no makan and shervin company

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